Into the Mangroves – Papua Expedition Highlights Part 3

Dear Friends, Have you ever seen a mangrove forest?  These habitats defined by trees that can withstand saltwater are incredibly fascinating and important.  Not only do they harbor their own unique biodiversity, but they protect coastlines, are nursery grounds for marine life, and are incredibly good at sequestering carbon.  In fact research shows they store […]

Quest for the Leatherback Sea Turtle – Papua Expedition Highlights Part 1

I recently completed a month-long expedition in West Papua, Indonesia documenting biodiversity highlights across various habitats from forest-lined coasts to mountain peaks.  I’d like to share a few highlights of the expedition in the next several Wildlife Diaries. Our first objective was to document Leatherback Sea Turtles at a place called Batu Rumah Beach, a […]

Celebrating Biodiversity of the World’s Richest Reefs

Greetings and happy “World Biodiversity Day” on May 22. For me, every day is a day to appreciate and celebrate the amazing diversity of life that we share this planet with, but it’s good to have these reminders about what’s important.  As you know, I am especially drawn to the richest habitats on the planet […]

Emperor Penguin Encounters

Dear Friends,I’ve been back for a few weeks from an amazing journey to Antarctica, and finally getting around to sharing some more from the trip.Emperor penguins were a surprise and a huge highlight for me! As we traveled south into the Ross Sea, we encountered them in ones and twos, and then in bigger groups. […]

Underwater Photography Workshop in Raja Ampat

This is a special announcement for the underwater photography enthusiasts out there!  As those of you who have followed my work for a while probably know, although I do a lot bird and primate photography, I am also passionate about exploring the underwater world with my cameras, especially to document the diversity of life on […]

Back to Borneo!

Hello Friends, Greetings from the rain forest of Borneo!  I’m writing this on my iPhone while sitting under a fruiting fig tree where the orangutan mom and juvenile we have been following have been feeding for the past couple hours, unfortunately their position is high and obstructed. Thus I have some down time here to […]

Photographing My Local Nesting Birds

Dear Friends, I hope you have been having a nice spring and relishing the new life all around us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  These past two springs, due to the pandemic, I have been traveling less than usual, and focusing my lenses on more local projects.  One of those has been a filming project […]

Special Recognition from the National Geographic Museum

Dear Friends, Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I opened an email from National Geographic  recently, and saw the banner below?  An advertisement for the re-opening of their museum with an exhibit of “The Greatest Wildlife Photographs”, and my image “Birds-of-Paradise Sunrise” was the featured image!  This image is one of my all time favorites […]

Backyard Birds in the Snow

I just wanted to send a brief note to let you know that I’m offering all of my open edition prints for 20% off through Valentine’s Day.  If you or a loved one would enjoy one of my prints, this would be a good time to pick one. It’s that time of year when the […]