National Geographic Masters of Photography

National Geographic has launched a series of DVD and online photography courses by 12 of the magazine’s top photographers: National Geographic Masters of Photography. The complete series contains 24 lectures that “delve into the creative process, boost your confidence and your know-how, and gain insight into the techniques of true artists during 24 photographer-led lessons that will forever change the way you approach the craft.”


Not only does the series cover the fundamentals of photography including lighting, composition, and camera techniques, but also concepts like discovering personal vision and professional perspectives. In the storytelling unit there are two segments taught by Ed Kashi (VII): “Engaging the World” and “Raising Awareness.” Ed Kashi will share how he captures stories of political issues, cultures, landscapes, daily life, etc. Kashi will also discuss mobile photography, advocacy journalism and relevant examples of his own work. Click here to learn more about the course.

Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

In April and October of 2015 Ed Kashi will be furthering the discussion and education on mobile photography in a hands-on workshop setting. There will be 2 two-day photo expeditions in NYC led by Ed Kashi in 2015. In a Q&A about the workshop, Ed responds to what the key takeaways from this workshop will be: “a greater understanding of the creative possibilities of making images with your smartphone, the joys of connecting with loved ones and total strangers all over the world through this visual form of social media, and to learn a few things about life, photography in general, storytelling and New York City!”

Use tools like National Geographic’s Masters of Photography Courses and Smartphone Workshops to learn about photography from the masters!

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