Sony Funds Three TPS Member Projects

The Photo Society is happy to announce that three of its members are to receive funding for their upcoming projects made possible by our friends at Sony.

David Guttenfelder, Lynn Johnson and Michael Christopher Brown will all receive $45,000 to complete projects in South Korea, Cambodia and the United States. More details on each project can be found below.

In addition to funding each member will be given the latest in Sony camera equipment and will have one-on-one training with Sony professionals. You can discover more about Sony cameras at

The Photo Society will also be checking in with our members as they complete their projects—so be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for updates!

The Photo Society would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Sony for not only making these projects possible, but for their continual commitment and support to visual storytelling.

Description of Projects

David Guttenfelder

Divided Korea | David, who has already worked extensively in North Korea, will journey through South Korea to reveal the ways these two nations have dramatically diverged, and the many quiet and beautiful ways they remain echoes of one another.

Lynn Johnson/Ripple Effect Images

Lynn will document the work of two spectacular Cambodian aid programs, the People Improvement Organization (PIO) and Operation ASHA. Operation ASHA trains and equips an army of female health workers that work tirelessly to provide rural populations with care they desperately need.

Michael Christopher Brown

Michael will create a story celebrating Native Americans living within several of the 326 reservations located throughout the United States. Though the majority of the 2.5 million Native Americans and Alaska Natives live somewhere other than the reservations, there are about 1 million from the 567 federally recognized tribes still living on reservations, land that is representative of both tribal success as well as the myriad issues perennially facing the tribes.