Join Marco Vernaschi’s immersive workshops in the heart of the Altiplano

Marco Vernaschi’s immersive workshops will connect you to the essence of the Altiplano. Inspired by Cosmovision (Andean worldview), the initiative will take place in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina. The two workshops are scheduled for April and September 2023.

Designed in partnership with Nikon for a maximum of 9 participants, the event was created to nourish your creativity and nurture your vision. Every participant will receive individualized instruction directly from Marco, according to their level of expertise, style and narrative approach. Through the journey, they will learn to shape a cohesive body of work, and to expresses their personal voice. 

Each participant will enjoy individual time, shooting alone, and will take part to enriching classes and group reviews. Finally, the group will present the resulting work, receiving a final critique and sharing their personal experience.

When Marco first visited the Quebrada de Humahuaca, back in 2004, he immediately fell in love with the place and its people. Through the past two decades, after moving to Argentina in 2005, he has periodically returned to the valley, every time settling for months. The magnetic energy of the Altiplano keeps calling.

Overtime, Marco has produced a wide range of projects in the region, gaining extensive knowledge of the Andean culture, as well as valuable access to the community. Through this workshop, you will greatly benefit from Marco’s consolidated experience in the Quebrada.   

Learn more about this unique opportunity and make sure to book your spot timely. Unleash your creativity and learn to express your personal vision with one of world’s most acclaimed visual artists. You’re just one click away from joining a mesmerizing journey of self-discovery.