Marco Vernaschi WARMI Campaign

The pursuit of harmony is without a doubt the defining topic of our times. No matter if it’s about sustainability, in relation to climate change and our impact on the planet — or about gender equality and women empowerment, toward a more balanced society. Overall, humankind is seeking harmony.

In the process of transitioning to a more stable, fairer and sustainable world, societies are shaping a new vision for the future, and new foundations for the ages to come. As a species, we have finally come to the collective realization that, if we want to survive, we must learn to coexist rather than dominate.

In envisioning new ways of living, much may be learned from Cosmovision (worldview). As a matter of fact, this andean philosophy focuses on balance and harmony, and embeds the emphatic keys to reshape our interaction with other living beings, and the ecosystem in general.

Cosmovision has gradually evolved in South America since the pre-Columbian era, rooted in the Altiplano. It may be described as the point of convergence between religious and ancestral beliefs, and it is globally acknowledged as the philosophical foundation of the Rights of Nature.

WARMI tells the inspiring stories of matriarchs, indigenous leaders, teachers, LGBTQ activists, mothers and violence survivors. In different ways, all self-empowered women who reveal a resilient society, where ancestral and contemporary feminism meet to make a difference.