Presentation at the Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden, Austria

As the Artist in Residence at the La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival, Gerd Ludwig will be presenting his work at the Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden near Vienna, Austria. The two part event, in German language, titled ‘Inspiration – Faszination – Leidenschaft’ will begin on Saturday, September 22 at 10 am and end at 2 pm. […]

Instagram print flash sale

Starting August 17th, signed prints of the photograph above are available (at $100 plus shipping) in Gerd Ludwig’s first Instagram flash sale. “Hansel and Gretel … became totally lost in the great wilderness and could not find their way out of the wood…. Finally, the forest grew more familiar to them.” This image of two […]

The Art of Storytelling – The Salton Sea

The Art of Storytelling – The Salton Sea An Official Workshop of the Month of Photography LA A 6-day Documentary Photography Workshop with National Geographic Photographer Gerd Ludwig
Los Angeles & Salton Sea, April 15 – April 21, 2018 
$1,285 This 6-day workshop (5 days + 2 half days) by veteran National Geographic Photographer Gerd Ludwig […]


The German Photo Book Award 2018, organized by the Stuttgart Media University/Hochschule der Medien, honors outstanding aesthetic and technical achievements of photographers, editors and publishers in the field of photo-book publishing. This years’ award was divided into the categories Coffee Table Books, Conceptual Fine-Art Photo Books, Photographic Technique, Self Publishing and Student Projects. A jury […]


Fl 242, Løkken, Denmark

Professional photographers and amateurs around the globe are invited to participate in the Alfred Fried Award 2017 (@alfredfriedaward). In partnership with UNESCO, the Photographische Gesellschaft (PHG) in Austria and Edition Lammerhuber, this award annually recognizes the world’s best photograph depicting peace. The five finalists will be invited to Vienna, Austria. There the winner will be […]

Fukushima Anniversary

The Long Shadow of Chernobyl - Chernobyl Cleanup: No End in Sight

The renowned British newspaper ‘The Independent’ recently reported that the robots sent into Fukushima for cleanup are “dying” at a rate five times higher than expected. Although designed to survive in highly contaminated areas, large amounts of radioactive material are eating away at the robots wiring – rendering them useless. Read the full article here. […]

National Geographic’s Best of 2016

MM8448, Putin Generation

National Geographic Magazine just published a gallery of their 52 best photographs of 2016. The images were selected from 107 stories by 91 photographers and out of over two million photographs. Gerd Ludwig’s opening image of his recent story, The Putin Generation, published in the December issue of the National Geographic Magazine leads the selection. […]