We The People: Public Art For The Inauguration and Beyond


In the Citizen’s Almanac, given to all new Americans, it is said that the only position higher than the President is the People.
What a great day to remember that.

#WeThePeople are #GreaterThanFear, we will #DefendDignity, and we will #ProtectEachOther. Back page of the @washingtonpost. Pick up a copy and carry it into the streets!!! @obeygiant and @amplifierfoundation

Brian Skerry Wins Photographer’s Photographer Award

The following text is from George Steinmetz’s award presentation:

There is no greater honor than to be recognized by ones peers, especially in a crowd like this. The award is for the photographer who has most inspired us by expanding the possibilities of our medium. This definition is purposely vague, as what inspires is always the unexpected.