The tools of ex-whale shark and manta ray hunters on Dhonfanu Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives.

Island of the Whale Shark Hunters Manta rays and whale sharks have been somewhat scarce at Hanifaru for the last 10 days, with a combination of rough seas, low plankton concentrations and neap tides the likely culprits for their absence. After a few weeks of thick clouds and torrential rain, the sun is finally beginning […]

Maldives Mantas

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MALDIVES MANTA MADNESS My seaplane touched down at last light on August 14th 2009 settling on the choppy waters of Baa Atoll during a welcome lull in successive monsoon squalls. I can’t really think of a better birthday gift then returning to one of my favorite places on earth. Just over a year had passed […]

Saving Planet Ocean

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  “Saving Planet Ocean – One Photograph at a Time” As a conservation photographer and environmental photojournalist I have one single minded mission. I am determined to create photographs that make a difference and change human behavior that is damaging to the ocean. I want my images to educate, inspire, mesmerize and create an appreciation for […]