“Lost World” Reveals New Species

Lost World

  In March, Tim went to the Cape Melville Range in Australia with Conrad Hoskin from James Cook University and discovered new species of amphibian and reptiles.  This was part of an expedition traversing the Cape York Peninsula of Northeastern Australia.  As you can see from the picture above, the mountain range is covered with […]

Cleaner Shrimp feature in Daily Mail

Diver Russell Laman (age 13)  visiting a "cleaning station" on the reef, where fish come to have parasites and debris removed from their skin and teeth by shrimp.  The White-banded Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis),  recognize Russell's mouth as a source of food, and enters and begins to clean his teeth.

In August I photographed my son Russell diving off Bali, Indonesia, and getting his teeth cleaned by the cleaner shrimp that usually serve the needs of the local fish.  The UK newspaper Daily Mail has now published the story.  See it on DailyMail website:  

Hornbills Of The World Available Now

Hornbills Of The World

You can now purchase the book Hornbills Of The World through our online store!  This soft cover book by Pilai Poonswad, Alan Kemp and Morten Strange features photographs by Tim Laman and 61 other contributors.  All 57 species are described with multiple photographs showing both the male and female birds.  Each species has a description, distribution […]

@America Presentation Online

If you were not able to attend Tim’s presentation, Birds of Paradise: Crown Jewels of Indonesia’s Biodiversity, you can watch it online.  The @America website posted the entire talk.  You can also see some pictures they took here.

Jakarta Presentation

22 August_@america_presentation_Birds of Paradise_eposter

This week Tim will be presenting his Birds of Paradise talk at @america.  This cutting edge cultural center is in Jakarta, Indonesia.  From 7 – 9 pm, Tim will be at Pacific Place and it is open to all.  If you are in the area, check it out!    

Bird-of-Paradise Intro video hits 3 million views!

Our Bird-of-Paradise Project Intro video hit another milestone on YouTube today, passing 3,000,000 views!  This video featuring the work of Ed Scholes and myself to document all the Birds-of-Paradise was put together by our talented colleagues at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology multimedia department.  Thanks for the great work guys in making this so appealing […]

Testing the new Canon EF 200-400 f4L with 2x extender

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias).  Cooperative test subject for new Canon 200-400 mm lens.  Shot with Canon 1DC on 1 June 2013.  This image shot at 520 mm using 1.4x.

I have been waiting for two years for this lens to arrive.  For the kind of wildlife photography and video that I do, I have anticipated that it may replace several lenses I regularly travel with and let me respond more quickly and compose more precisely in the field.  So it was very exciting when […]

Little Explorers in Borneo

Borneo Adventure story by Russell and Jessica Laman as told to Ellen Lambeth.

The terrific nature magazine aimed at kids called “Ranger Rick” has recently published a story which is a collaboration between my two kids Russell and Jessica, and me.  Story by the kids, photos by me.  My wife also played a key part, of course.  She is primatologist Cheryl Knott, Professor at Boston University, and she […]