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I got Meningitis (most likely) from a kid I handed candy to in Niger in 2005. Luckily it was two days before I flew home so I got to spend a week in a U.S. hospital. I was also bit by a solifuge overnight in the Sahara and lost feeling in right foot for 6 months. On our 2005 expedition, we got stuck sleeping outside in Niamey, Niger. Eight people got Malaria including a pregnant woman and myself. Our team in 2006 took a bus from Agadez to Niamey to go home and the driver drove too fast and rolled the bus. Team injuries included a broken back, broken arms, broken toes, concussions, and lots of severe bruises and cuts. The expedition team I was on got robbed by 5 guys with guns, who slashed the tires of our trucks and stole a great deal. It was in the middle of the Sahara Desert and was over financial and tribal issues . . . also a driver rolled a Land Rover that dislocated a team member’s shoulder.

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